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The second Blaenau No. 3 signalbox

At most stations there were no signalboxes and signal controls (often capstans) were operated in the open air. At some places such as at the entrance to Minffordd yard shelters were provided for pointsmen or for signalmen who worked block instruments.

One of the few signalboxes was the second Blaenau No. 3 box. It was built during 1899 on the clock side of the line between Glan y Pwll level crossing and the footbridge to the school. This location had views towards Stesion Fein and back down the line across the level crossing. This signal box had 19 levers with one spare. According to Boyd, this box closed in September 1924. However there is a cryptic set of correspondence contained within XD97/19495 that indicates this signalbox was still open in September 1925.

Photo credit: User:MarkTemple - FR Catalogue Z/DBS/158 via iBase Festiniog

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