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Little Giant partly dismantled

Little Giant was the last of the single engines built by George England & Co for the FR and the second of the "large Englands" after Welsh Pony. It became No. 6 in the {{FR Locomotives|FR fleet]]. As supplied, the loco did not have central buffers which had to be added subsequently.

It was rebuilt in 1888 and 1904. It was dismantled for a boiler inspection in November 1924. In March 1929 the boiler had its tubes removed and sold for scrap. The boiler barrel was cut shorter and the boiler was put into Palmerston in 1933 and, according to Boyd, the tender ended up behind Welsh Pony. This tender was the other steel framed tender - old 'Tender No.2' - which now belongs to Linda. The coupling rods survive, the connecting rods and a part of the buffer beam were used in the rebuilding of Moelwyn in the 1950s. The 1898 leading axle is now under Welsh Pony.

The picture shows Little Giant partly dismantled. The cab is from a double engine. The picture dates from c1932 and is LGRP 2467.

Photo credit: User:MarkTemple

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