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James Arthur Iggulden

James Arthur Iggulden was Colonel Stephens’ chief clerk and principal “indoor assistant” for most of the 35 years he worked at 23 Salford Terrace, Tonbridge. Before he died in February 1979, he compiled some notes on what life was like at the famous light railway offices, and these were edited and published for the first time in 2005 by Philip Shaw in the "Tenterden Terrier", house magazine of the Kent & East Sussex Railway, Issue No. 98

Arthur was the audit accountant to the old FR for many years, and died in hospital at Tonbridge on 20th February 1979, breaking perhaps the final link with the Colonel Stephens era.

"JAI" held a variety of posts on lines forming Stephens' Tonbridge empire. Joining the staff at the Colonel's HQ, 23 Salford Terrace, Tonbridge, on 23rd March 1914 at a wage of 5s. (25p) per week, Arthur worked there until the closure of the office on 7th June 1948 upon the nationalisation of the late Colonel's standard-gauge lines.

Photo credit: Keith Holland