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This template is for articles actively undergoing construction. If the article instead is actively undergoing a major edit, please use {{Inuse}}.

In general, this template should not be used for new articles with little content.

Add the parameter |placedby= (followed by your login name) to make it easy for people to contact the person who placed the template.

If used on a non-article page (such as a user page) which is not yet ready for use, type {{Underconstruction|notready=true}}. That will produce the following:

A comment may be added to the box using the |comment= switch.

As this template is used in multiple namespaces it uses {{mbox}}, which will automatically detect individual namespace usage and adapt appropriate styling accordingly.

Blank template

{{underconstruction |placedby= |notready= |comment= |category= |altimage= }}


  • altimage - provide an alternate image for the template. Should be a complete file tag, ie: [[File:Dylan Construction.jpg|74x64px]]
  • category - a category (must be prefixed with the "Category:" namespace identifier and enclosed in double square brackets).
  • comment - free-form text. If present, the text "Contributor note:" is shown followed by this text.
  • notready - value is immaterial, but if present, and not blank, adds the text ", and is not yet ready for use" following the word "revamping".
  • placedby - user name of the person placing the template.

See also

  • {{inuse}}, for articles actively undergoing a major edit for a short while
  • {{hangon}}, to contest a speedy deletion tag