Thomas Spooner Lascelles

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Thomas Spooner Lascelles was the great-grandson of James Spooner, the surveyor who laid out and supervised construction of the Festiniog Railway. He was a Member of the Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers and from 1953 to 1954 Managing Director of W. R. Sykes Interlocking Signal Co. Ltd, which he joined in 1909.[1] Signal engineer 1927, Director and General Manager, 1942. A modest and upright man, very active in the IRSE and Dickens Fellowship and a prolific writer and lecturer on railway history. He was one of the early supporters of the revived FR.[1] He was a keen railway historian and was President of the Railway Club from 1958 until his death in 1960. In 1956 he presented what is believed to have been the Spooner family copy of the so called "Spooner Album" and this copy, now safely conserved in the Gwynedd Archives, formed the basis for the Roy C. Link publication compiled by FR Archivist Adrian Gray of the same name.[2] At the same time he presented the FRS with a portrait of C. E. Spooner.[3]

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