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Prince and wagon Minffordd Station

1956 Waggon No? New numbering 140 or 141.

Pedr Jarvis in FR E-group posting 39968 writes of the identifcation of the wagon in this photo:

"I think this may be one of the two 3-ton waggons cut down and used as PW flats; used to carry a vise. 140 or 141 in the new numbering. But that is not what it says on the solebar - that must be its old number. Adrian may be able to help. The picture is plainly at Minffordd c.1956. By 1958-9 you could see most of the sleepers, even if they rotted as you watched. The other 3-ton waggons cut down as flats were those used to carry compressors, generators, concrete mixers and oil tanks, Nos 142/3, 146/148, 151 and 155, new numbering. Source: FR stock list c.1982."

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