WHR Adventure Week 2003 - Dinas Photos

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The Adventure Week was mainly based around Dinas station, with two trains running which crossed at Dinas, and most up trains waiting for 40 minutes there to allow passengers to enjoy the attractions laid on - Tombo the clown, a children's fairground, Cadwaladers' mobile ice cream shop, the miniature railway, the footplate rides on Stanhope, the waiting room turned into a tea room & gift shop and the goods shed housing the 10 minute film show and other stalls including the WHR(P). All the photos on this page were taken at Dinas. and are copyright of FR Co..

3 Engines in steam
David Lewin and his locomotive Sgt. Murphy takes two young fans for a trip on the miniature railway.
Millennium dwarfs Linda as she arrives at Dinas.
4 locomotives in one picture - Beyer Garratt 138 / Millennium, the two NG15 locomotives and Stanhope, visiting from the West Lancs Light Railway.
Linda departs Dinas for Waunfawr, whilst the rear of Millennium's train can be seen in the down platform
Linda waits on her 40 minute layover whilst her passengers visit the attractions laid on at Dinas
Linda was rostered for the guest driver train on the FR Co. on Saturday 31st May, so only hauled trains on the Friday for part of the day, being replaced by Beyer Garratt 143 for the later trains. Linda is seen here on the low loader at 13:37 on Friday 30th May approaching the roundabout at Inigo Jones slate works. As she had been in steam only an hour earlier, the top of her chimney was capped and lagged to prevent air passing over the chimney drawing more cold air through the firebox and tubes, which would cause thermal stresses. Later in the afternoon she was safely back on FR metals.

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