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The reports marked *&* had originally appeared on the FR Co. website until the revamp in 2006. They now appear here with the permission of the company, and where appropriate, the photographers.

Miscellaneous Articles Section
1836 Horse Stations The locations of the original horse change points
A Visit To The FR 27th August 1961 By Cyril Perrier Long standing friend of the railway
Accident Record Listing of Accidents that have been referenced, on the FR
Accident Record (Non FR) Listing of Accidents that have been referenced, on associated railways (WHR &c.)
Anecdotes Humorous stories
Blaenau 20 Here's to the next 20 years. A short Pictorial report, from FR Co. on the celebrations *&*
Books About The Ffestiniog Railway List of publications about the FR
Books About The Welsh Highland Railway List of publications about the WHR
Brambles Volunteers from Brableton Model Railway Club
Bridge Numbering On The WHR How the Bridges are numbered on the rebuilt railway
Britannia Bridge Potted History
Buffet Car Attendants (1960s) Summary of the role in 1965.
Buffet Car Duty Summary of what is done (2017)
Building Back to Blaenau Pictorial report, from FR Co. on the building of the line back to Blaenau *&*
Bunny Hutch A long lived sales kiosk
Buzzards A look at local bird life
Centenary of Steam 1863 -1963 A early FR marketing event
Chronology Timeline
Civil's Week - Annual working on the WHHR Annual working on the WHHR
Construction Stock Mainly for WHR Rebuild
Contributors People who have contributed a number of items to this wiki
Croesor Tramway A precursor to the WHR
Disc Signals Description of old FR Co. Disc Signals
Double Heading Two engines instead of one!
Category:Events & Reports Writeups from events around the railway
Festiniog Events What it says
Festiniog Railway Calendars Calendars
Festiniog Railway Ephemera General Posters and flyers of the railway
Festiniog Railway, Staff Staff List from 2006 with partial updates
Ffestiniog Goes Back To Coal From an article in FRM
Steam Locomotive Availability Steam Locomotive Availability on the FR and WHR
Flying Flea A 1958 relief train
Broadcast Media Where the FR & WHR have appeared in the broadcat media
FR Glossary A cross between an FAQ and an index
FR Publications Examples of F.R. Publications since 1954
FR Signals Summary of FR signalling over the years
FRS Travel Privileges Travel Privileges for members of the FRS
WHRS Travel Privileges Travel Privileges for members of the WHRS
Goshawks A look at local bird life
Gravity Slate Trains Description
Groby Granite Quarry Description
Hamburg Ballast Details of the original material used to ballast the track
Harz Narrow Gauge Visit A visit from the HSB *&*
History Of The FR A History
Home Videos You Tube &c.listing of various videos available online
Horse operation When there was no steam
Hostels Hostels of the FR, past and present
ISSL & The Corporate Challenge! The big guys come to play! *&*
Landladies An FR institution - the landladies who accommodated early volunteers in the 1950s to the 70s
Loading gauge The loading gauge and kinematic envelope explained
Local Roads Major roads in the area and where they go from, and to
Map Based on a company map, a clickable view of the surrounding area
Naming The Earl April 1961 By Eddie Bellass Eddie Bellass - a photo journalist's memories
Nicknames Nicknames on the Railway
OPERATION SNAPPER The rescue of Carriage 14 from a field in Devon in 1959
Ospreys A look at local bird life
Over The Narrowest Narrow Gauge William H. Bishop visit the Railway and in his article in August 1879 Edition of 'Scribner's Monthly'
Penrhyn Operations A "look back" by Tim Maynard
Phase IV Track Laying Laying the Phase 4 track on the WHR
Pigot's Directory Early 19th gazeteer
Point Indicators Information about old FR Co. Point Indicators
Porthmadog Weathers the Storm Pictorial report of the storms of 2001 *&*
Portmadoc Maritime Nautical History side of the town
Publications List of the magazines produced for supporters of the whole FWHR family
Rat Tails Protection for gravity train brakesmen
1987 Share Issue Fund raising for FR Co. 1987 style
Signal Boxes List of FR Signal Boxes with pictures and links.
Sixties Festiniog Photo Report on the way things were in the early 1960s *&*
Slate from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog A special promotional run *&*
Slate General index of slate related material on this wiki
Special Trains Trains made up for special events e.g. weddings
The Dismantling of the Welsh Highland Railway The 1941 lifting of the line
The Meaning of Welsh Names on the F.R. Explanation of where the names originate
The Phantom Light British film from the 1930s, featuring Tan-y-Bwlch station
Illustrated Interview - Railway Magazine August 1900 Interviews with John Sylvester Hughes, FR Manager
Train Services on the Welsh Highland Railway (1922 - 1936) Timetables (WHR) from the period
Turntables Locations and explanations
Trident Signal Locations and background
U98 The WW1 German U-Boat scrapped in Portmadoc
Volunteer Reports Self written looks at life on the railway from a Volunteers view
Volunteers' Manual Three editions of a publication to inform volunteers
Walks around the Railway For FR and WHR
Webcams History of, with some historic views
Welsh language Index - An attempt to assist with
*The meaning of Welsh names* understanding the
*Welsh locations Welsh
*Welsh pronunciation Language
Window Bars Article about bars on carriage windows
*Working with Chaired Track Relaying and re-sleepering of the late 1960s described.
WHR Adventure Week 2003 - Dinas Photos What it says *&*
WHR Events What it says
Y Cymro A named train
*The Railway in 1935 A look at the railway in 1935, from a larger 'look back' series

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