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A device to weigh a wagon, and its contents. Due to the tolls and tariffs arising from the carriage of goods it was necessary to install a number of these up and down the railway.

One was located in Blaenau Ffestiniog, in the mineral line just west of the GW station, beside Dorfil Road bridge[1]. Pooley & Co in 1883 were requested to install a "weighing machine" near the market hall in Blaenau Ffestiniog[2], but it is not clear if this is the rail weighbridge or a weighbridge for road vehicles, or just a weighing machine for goods.

Two more existed at Minffordd, both in the mineral line, these having been originally located by the weigh-house at Boston Lodge Halt but moved after the opening of Minffordd Yard. Slate for Portmadoc was also weighed here before forwarding to the Harbour. Minffordd weighbridge office still exists, and until recently was used by the Permanent Way Manager, Fred Howes.

On the Welsh Highland Railway, remains of a weighbridge have been found at Beddgelert Siding.


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