William Alexander Provis

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William Alexander Provis
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W.A.Provis surveyed a line to connect the Diphwys quarries to Portmadoc in 1824-5. Private inclines at Diphwys were to connect to two connecting branches of the line, after which the main line followed the contours round the Moelwyn block (the route as proposed lay to the west of the F.R. as built, i.e. on higher ground), and in the area of Creuau farm the descent proper began. There were 3 inclines near Rhyd (the village NW of Tan-y-bwlch) and a 4th incline a mile further on (in the area of Rhiw Goch). From then on the surveyed route closely followed that of Spooner's later surveyed route (as built) down to Portmadoc.

(detail from "How Festiniog got its Railway", MJT Lewis)

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