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Alan joined the Society in 1956 as a result of friendship with Vic Mitchell whom he met one day while reading Bradshaw one lunchtime at Guy's Hospital Dental School. He did National Service in Malaya before returning to work as a dentist in Chichester. He was Hampshire & Sussex Group working party organizer for seven years and then a Director of the Festiniog Railway Society 1968 to 1973. He was reported in FRM No. 42 as having responsibility for volunteering. He did not seek re-election at the 1973 AGM.

Alan had steam engines - on the road. He started in partnership with two other FR folk with a roller in 1966 and later there seemed to be a sort of HANSAG/LAG consortium with seven steam road vehicles. Experience of traction engine rallies suggested to Alan that the FR could benefit, and with the help of HANSAG members he initiated and distributed traction engine sales items for FRS groups to sell at rallies. [1]

In 1974 he published an article about a Ffestiniog Travel tour to Switzerland in the Magazine.[2]

He moved to South Devon in 1970[3] and married a local bride, Val. Both were present at the Diamond Jubilee celebration meal at Tan y Bwlch on 2/5/2014.


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