Amelia Spooner

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Amelia Spooner, (1824-1922) remained a spinster

It is believed she was financially aided, before his death, by her older brother, Charles Easton Spooner. It is recorded that on his death, her younger sister Harriet petitioned the FR board, that the allowance previously paid to CES, be continued to "Miss Spooner" - it is thought she was referring to Amelia Spooner, whom CES had been supporting. The board denied the request, but agreed to make a payment from the date of CES death, until the end of the year. At the time of Charles Easton's death Amelia was living with her sister Harriet and her family in Essex so it was no wonder that Harriet was asking the FR Board for money as presumably she and her husband would have to support her.

The census shows that she was still living with her sister in 1891 and 1911 but not apparently in 1901.

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