Harriet Tiddeman

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Harriet Spooner, (1830-1914) married Edmund Spenser Tiddeman It is recorded that on Charles Easton Spooner's death, she petitioned the FR board, that the allowance previously paid to CES, be continued to "Miss Spooner" - it is thought she was referring to Amelia Spooner, whom CES had been supporting. The board denied the request, but agreed to make a payment from the date of CES death, until the end of the year. She had 11 children:-

  1. Elizabeth B 1860-
  2. Edmund Spenser 1861-1937
  3. Rosamond 1861-
  4. Alice 1862-1945
  5. William H.S. 1863-1876
  6. Harriet Elfreida 1866-1928
  7. Gertrude S 1868-
  8. Lillian 1868-1953
  9. Philip 1870-1956
  10. Kathleen 1872 -1955
  11. Norah 1875-1972

Either Elizabeth B or Norah is believed to have been involved in the The Boat accident.

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