Arwyn Morgan

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Apprentice fitter at Boston Lodge from 22nd November 1954, working with Morris Jones (1892) on the rebuild of Prince. He drilled many of the holes required (by the ratchet and swan neck method). He also wrote the obituary of Morris Jones in Festiniog Railway Magazine No. 83 page 2. He wrote a one page summary of early days on the FR and rebuilding Prince in 1955 with Morris Jones in The Pioneers' Stories.[1]

In 1969 Arwyn was a fitter in his third spell at Boston Lodge. His outside interests included local government and accomplished vocal concert work.[2] In the winter of 1971/2 he was listed as chargehand at Boston Lodge. [3]He left the staff in July 1972 to become a guard on BR at Llandudno Junction..[4]

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