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This 4wPM locomotive of about 20hp was obtained by Colonel Stephens for use on the Croesor Tramway in 1925, having been used by contractors P&W Anderson Ltd on the Torrington and Halwill Railway construction contract in Devon.

It seems to have been used for a time, as spares were delivered in August 1926. It was even tried out with a single passenger coach on 25 January 1928, but this experiment was a failure. With Croesor traffic declining it was then used on shunting, and although transferred to the FR in December 1928 it was out of use by 1929. An offer to purchase it for £10 was made in May 1933 but it was scrapped in 1934.

A photograph showing this type of locomotive on the Colonel Stephens Railway Museum web site shows a diminutive "skip frame" machine. It is not known whether the example used in Wales was of a similar type, but it appears to be rather small to have been used successfully to haul slate wagons on the Croesor Tramway.

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