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Steam Locomotives[edit]

See also FR Steam Locomotive Availability for an overview of whether current steam locomotives are operational at the moment. There are also annual snapshots of availability going back to 2006.

Steam locomotives built for the Festiniog Railway[edit]

See also Tender locomotives on the FR and WHR

Steam locomotives acquired from elsewhere[edit]

  • Moel Tryfan - no longer exists
  • The Peckett - was to be named 'Volunteer' - sold
  • Linda - ex Penrhyn Quarry Railway
  • Blanche - ex Penrhyn Quarry Railway
  • Mountaineer (second) - a First World War Alco
  • Britomart - quarry Hunslet owned by a private syndicate
  • K1 - the first Beyer-Garratt, restored for use on the Welsh Highland Railway
  • Lilla ex Cilgwyn Quarry, Penrhyn Quarry Railway, and Bernard Latham
  • Monarch ex - Bowaters - sold
  • Leary - new vertical boiler locomotive built and owned by FR volunteers - now sold
  • Dahuichang No.4 - C2 class locomotive acquired from China by a group of volunteers, and being re-gauged for use on the FR

Internal combustion and battery locomotives[edit]

Pre-preservation (pre-1954) internal combustion locomotives[edit]

Diesel passenger locomotives acquired post-1954[edit]

Permanent Way Department and Boston Lodge Works diesel locomotives acquired post-1954[edit]

Small diesel and battery locomotives acquired post-1954 - used on the Deviation and sundry other duties[edit]

It should be noted that such was the interchangeability of parts of the small Simplex locomotives - including those that carried names - that identities are particularly fluid.

Line cars and self propelled equipment[edit]

Shunting engines[edit]

A short article appears here regarding shunting in Old company days.

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