Day Log/1865-03-06

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On this date, Capt. Tyler returned to the FR Co. for another visit to ensure compliance with the recommendations of his earlier visit.[1]

He remarked that the fencing was much improved, gates at crossings installed/amended/removed as required, trackwork at points improved, additional sleepers laid, with more to be done, safety guards to stock added, stations improved. Further, a telegraph had been installed at the long tunnel, and signal arrangments improved. The speed restriction was seen to be being adhered to.

He recommended another change in the colour of the train staffs, to differentiate between the sections, by painting them. Additional protection was felt necessary on the Cwmorthin incline.

The telegraph comment above seems strange with another comment made: He reported that the company planned to install a bell in the tunnel, or failing that, a telegraph, "which would be the most efficient means of protection if worked properly" would have to be installed.

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