E. Noel Humphreys

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E. Noel Humphreys was an Accountant based in Chester. He became a Director of NWPT and probably at the same time, the PBSSR, after the resignation on 12 November 1906 of Col.Henry Platt from NWPT, who asked he be allowed to take his place. On 1st July 1907 he was also appointed Secretary of NWPT "without remuneration, being debarred from taking office otherwise owing to being a Director", following the resignation of Frank Abrahams, who was instructed the hand over the books etc of the Company. On 25th July Humphreys resigned as Secretary and Rhoadro Bradley Humphreys was appointed. Noel Humphreys became Managing Director of NWPT in an arrangement for 7 years from 30 June 1913. “In the case that he is successful at any time in negotiating a sale of the whole or any part of the PBSSR Co. the proceeds of which sale will not come into the P & L Accounts of the Power Co. , he shall receive of the purchase consideration received by the PBSSR Co. 5% of the same as payment for his services”. On 25 September 1918 Humphreys resigned, being replaced by Arthur Francis Bott, Henry Joseph Jack taking over as Managing Director.

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