Welsh Highland Railway, Directors, Pre-Preservation

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There is an incomplete list of previous directors of the Welsh Highland Railway Company, and predecessors, in Boyd. Not all these people merit individual pages, nor are they well known personalities. They are listed here with links where appropriate. The name of each director is followed by the Company Boards they are known to have served upon.


Titles, where applicable have been omitted here, but appear on relevant pages. For more specific dates, please see the individuals personal entry

Old WHR Company Directors
Co. Name
NWNG Aitchison, G. C.
PBSSR Beeching, Joseph
PBSSR Bibby, Capt. Samuel G.
NWNG Bolland, T.
PBSSR Bott, Arthur Francis
NWNG Bulkeley, Sir R. William M. L. Jnr
NWNG Bulkeley, Sir R. William M. L. Snr
NWNG/PBSSR Cassells, Joseph Walker
NWNG Celyn, C.
NWNG Chute, Chaloner W.
PBSSR Clark, Kenneth McKenzie
NWNG Davidson, C.
NWNG/WHR/FR Davies, Evan R.
NWNG Davison, Chas
NWNG Fosbery, G. W.
NWNG Guiness, R. S.
NWNG Hill. Mr ?
PBSSR Hogg, Henry R
PBSSR Humphreys, E. Noel
PBSSR/WHR Jack, Henry Joseph
NWNG Lake, Ernest E.
NWNG Menzies, John
WHR Neem M.E.
NWNG Oliver, James Hewitt
NWNG Pearson, C.
PBSSR Platt, Col. Henry
NWNG Pugh Hugh
NWNG Roberts, Hugh Beaver
NWNG Russell, James C.
NWNG Szlumper, Sir Jas W.
WHR/FR Stephens, Col. Holman.Fred
NWNG/WHR/FR Stewart, Sir John Henderson
NWNG/FR Thompson, Livingston
NWNG Turner, Sir Llewelyn
WHR/FR Westall, George

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