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Ernest Edward Lake (1844-1917) was a friend of James C. Russell,the chairman and Receiver of the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Company, his solicitor and an executor of his will.

Lake was born at Highgate, Middlesex, on the 2 March 1844. His father Henry was a partner in the family law firm, Tucker Lake (later Tucker Lake and Lyon) of 4 New Court, Lincoln's Inn which Ernest subsequently joined. Ernest had six brothers and two sisters and one of them, Edward became the first managing director of the Greene King Brewery of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. His mother, Mary Lake née Greene was one of thirteen children and a brother Benjamin Buck Greene was a Governor of the Bank of England from 1873 to 1875. Mary was a relative of the novelist Graham Greene.

Lake was one of the original shareholders in The Moel Tryfan Rolling Stock Co. Ltd. set up in 1878, that leased "the Locomotives, Engines, Carriages, Wagons, Trucks and Rolling Stock..."

He became a Director of the NWNGR between Directors' reports of September 1903 and March 1904 and became Chairman after the death of James C. Russell in 1912 and stayed until his death on 25 September 1917.

Ernest married Mary Frances Dyne (1848 - 1903) in 1872 but there were no children of the marriage.

He was Mayor of Hampstead in 1908 and laid the foundation stone for Hampstead Hill School on Pond Street formerly the old church and community halls. NWNGR

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