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Simon had provided a number of photographs for Barrie Hughes's site, an initially one photo looked good for a page I had created, and so:- ---

On 28/02/10 20:46, Keith wrote: Simon,

Allow me to do a brief intro.

Keith Bradbury is real name, manstaruk (or Keith) is my web moniker. I am a supporter of the FR & WHR (and WHHR) via memberships of ....ETC. I note you are a regular contributor to Barries site, and wondered If, when I find relevant ones on there, if you would consent to passing them for use on the wiki? The reason I ask is that I saw this one [1] for an example of the rebuilt bridge, and would like to use this pix on a page on the wiki at Bryn_y_Felin_Road_bridge.

To see the way we normally credit a photo take a look at Prince - the Prince page (colour pics are better for examples). Click on any photo and the image file appears with the tech and ownership data.

Please may I use the Bryn y Felin / Upnor pix to illustrate the page.


keith --

to which Dr. Simon J. Melhuish, responded:-

Dear Keith,

Yes you may.

I have an online gallery on one of my work machines. The picture of Upnor is here (with higher resolution): (kept private as requested)

You are welcome to look around that album in case there is anything else you'd like, but please keep the address to yourself.

Sorry for the address. I'm in the middle of moving buildings. At some point it will vanish and reappear as (kept private as requested)

Regards, Simon Melhuish [2]