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A page where our contributors need to be careful what is written. For safety's sake (and this is only guidance), may I suggest only items that have appeared in print appear here.

Over time numerous little stories have arisen on various matters, many of which would not warrant a full page in this wiki.

Norman Gurley[edit]

Norman Gurley was once putting up timetables along the line when, at Boston Lodge, he found the board occupied by a text REPENT AND DEPART YE FROM EVIL. So he added in the small space underneath FIVE MINUTES AFTER LEAVING PORTHMADOG. Theologically, it was impeccable.... Pedr

Tamping Machines[edit]

"What you must remember is that a tamper is a machine designed to shake itself to pieces." - WHRCL Director John Ewing on being asked why the KMX tamper was being repaired.

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