Gelert's Farm Halt

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Gelert's Farm Halt
KCB 20090406 IMGA0576 Gelerts Farm sign.jpg
Type Halt
Status Open
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Pen-y-mount Porthmadog (WHHR)
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Gelert's Farm Works
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Gelert's Farm Halt (or Fferm Gelert in Welsh) on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway was opened in 1988. It is a simple platform alongside the main shed at Gelert's Farm Works.

All trains in one direction stop at the halt for the passengers to visit the museum & Miniature Railway. The halt is a request stop for trains in the other direction. Until the end of 2005 trains stopped in the Pen-y-mount (up) direction. From the 2006 season, trains have stopped in the Porthmadog (down) direction. The platform was rebuilt and extended in 2006.

In early 2007, the platform was extended a further 40ft in the northerly direction and a ramp constructed to enter the North Yard. A water supply has been installed at the southern end of the platform for watering locomotives.

Immediately next to it is the minature railway terminus, signed only in English

KCB 20090505 IMGA0579 Gelerts Farm Minature Railway.JPG

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