George A. W. Huddart

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George A. W. Huddart
Official positions held:
FR Co. Director 1894 - 1908
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George Augustus Ward Huddart was born in 1845, the second son of George Augustus Huddart and brother of Cuthbert H. Charles Huddart.

The Rev Dr. George Augustus Ward Huddart was prominent in FR affairs joining the F.R. Board in 1894 and became chairman in 1907 until his death the next year. He was an early proponent of the tourist trade. He became a priest before 1871 as he was a curate in Hereford in that year. He later moved Cuckmere, Sussex where he married Caroline. From there he moved to Kirklington in Yorkshire where his two children were born, George William Otter in 1880 and Caroline in 1881.

He, along with his brother Cuthbert, stood down in 1898 for a short period, presumably in connection with the purchase of land from the Huddart estate

He died around September/October 1908 (whilst Chairman)

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