Gerry Fiennes

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Gerry Fiennes
Born 1906
Died 1985
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Official positions held:
FR Co. Director 1968 - 1974
FR Soc. Director 1970 - 1974
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Gerard Francis Gisborne Twistleton-Wykeham- "Gerry" Fiennes was one of the first senior officers of what was then British Railways to become involved at a prominent level in support of the FR immediately following his sacking from the national network. He was General Manager of the Eastern Region at retirement. He was retired at the request of the then Chairman of British Railways for publishing a book of reminiscences without permission. The book in question was I tried to Run a Railway and got a lot of publicity which was not all favourable for BR at the time of publication in 1967. In his post of General Manager of the Eastern Region he must have been well acquainted with Alan Pegler, who was a member of the short lived Eastern Region Advisory Board. On the FR he became the Deviationists' "Man on the Board" joining the FRCo Board in 1968, becoming a Director of the FRS in 1970. He left both posts in 1974.[1][2]

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