Hafod y Llyn (FR)

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This location should not be confused with two locations of the same name on the Welsh Highland Railway. These are referred to with the suffix Hafod y Llyn (WHR) and Hafod y Llyn (TWO).
Hafod y Llyn (FR)
Hafod y Llyn Station site.jpg
Hafod y llyn station building site
Type Site of station and passing loop
Status Closed
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Hafod y Llyn (English: Summerhouse by the lake) was an original station from 1836 until replaced by Tan y Bwlch in 1873 (possibly earlier). It was one of the original horse stations which became a public passenger station in 1865, with the erection of a small wooden building (later moved to Tan y Bwlch). Access was restricted to footpaths unsuitable for horse-drawn vehicles through the Oakeley estate and, for reasons never explained, this was occasionally denied.[1]. Both circumstances made the location unsuitable so steps were taken to move the station to a location closer to a road and on land owned by the Company. The site chosen, at Creuau, was slightly further up the line and became Tan y Bwlch.

There is a sharply curved space for a second track on the valley side (engine side) of the present track and there are recesses in the walling at either end for the former signals. It must have been a tricky place to work, as the visibility in either direction from the station is restricted.

There is a ring set in the wall which is the only trace of anything here. This was possibly used to stop runaway slate wagons. There is a stream here which once filled a water tank, long since removed.

Above the line lies the lake of Llyn Hafod y llyn, hence the name. There are stories of water monsters in the lake.

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  1. ^ Probably to ensure there was no public right of way. You sometimes find notices saying that 'this path is closed on New Year's Day' or some such.