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Stations along the FR part of the line[edit]

Note that throughout this wiki the names Portmadoc and Porthmadog have been variously used. The first being the English name whilst the second being the Welsh, and currently, offical title. In older documentation there has been other spellings, including Portmadock, and Port Madoc

Clickng on the station will take you to the station's own page. Clicking the <A> takes you to a "Bing" aerial view of the location . Click on the <C> to go to an exploded view of locations of that area to the next station. Click here for a full map view of locations on the line.

N.B. BEWARE Certain placenames are used frequently in the area. One example being Bont Newydd. This is a place referred in Boyd, said to be located near to Rhiw Plas/Minffordd Cemetery. It also refers in the form Bontnewydd to a village, and request halt on the Welsh Highland - some 15 miles northwest..

Main stations are in larger type. Halts and request stops are normal sized. Former stations and halts are indented. For other places of interest see the locations list. See other notes at bottom of page

There are additional, related maps on the "Bing" site:
1) for the operating Railway used for above locations
2) for the Deviation details
3) for old line courses, though noticeably the lines around Port Harbour are still missing.

Stations along the WHR part of the line[edit]

See WHR Stations.

Location of Company Facilities[edit]

The company Head Office is at Harbour Station
For rolling stock the main works and running shed are at Boston Lodge
There are Permanent Way and Civil Engineering depots at Minffordd Yard and Glan y Pwll
The principal WHR/RhE running shed and depot is at Dinas Junction.

The WHR Ltd/WHHR running shed, works and Museum are at Gelert's Farm Works

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