James Swinton Spooner

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James Swinton Spooner (JIm) was a son of James Spooner and like Edwin was a good amateur painter[1]. He became an engineer. He left N. Wales in 1851 and spent some time in the Antipodes before returning to survey the route of the Tal-y-llyn Railway.

His second marriage (c 1875) antagonized his children by his first wife Julia, who thought it too soon after her death and (so?) disliked Cecilia. Only after his death did they discover that his London estates had been handled by brother Thomas John and so neglected that not only were thousands of pounds of rent due, but some properties had been claimed by tenants under squatters' rights. All his children gathered in London to sort out the mess, and a faint family memory (and no written record) remains of an American family belonging to his eldest son, Sam. So there may just be some American or Canadian Spooners not accounted for here.


Eve b 1885 d 1938, Nun IOW.

Alan de Swinton b 1854 d 1901 artist = Susannah Draffin née Callender b 1853.

Julia Ide b 1852 d 1938.

John Harold b 1851 d 1877.

Gladys b 1850 d 1851.

Amy Gertrude b 1849 = H(arold?) Gray

James Douglas b 1848 d 1910 of cancer, Commodore of Royal Mail Line = Mary Elizabeth Casson née Chessell b 1850, d 1908. Father of Ernest John (Jack) Spooner, Rear Admiral.

Samuel Myles b 1864

Elizabeth Emily Sydney b 1844 = B Coleman.

Harriett died young.

Charlotte Louise b 1843 d 1922 = Edward Johnstone b 1817 d 1880 of tetanus, Chief Civil Engineer to Government of India.


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