Thomas John Spooner (Senior)

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Brother of Charles Easton Spooner, Born 1823, died 1881. He was a solicitor in Leicestershire. He was not a very good solicitor by all accounts and was first made bankrupt in November 1866. He acted for the FR on many occasions but his brother Charles Easton Spooner often chased him into action.He retired to Llysfaen on the North Wales coast in the late 1870s.

In 1851 was a qualified solicitor, unmarried and living at Horsefair Street, St Martins, Leicester. With him at that address when the census was taken were his brother William Henry (born 1835 and a Solicitor's Articled Clerk) and visiting, his sisters Louisa Matilda (born 1820) and Harriet (born 1832).

By 1871 was married to Elizabeth and living at London Road, South Side Meeting Lane, Oadby, Leicestershire. They had 9 children of whom Thomas John was a railway engineer in India and East Africa and has a walk on part in the famous classic colonial book "The Man Eaters of Tsavo".

For an article about Thomas John Spooner see Heritage Group Journal No.145.[1]

Elizabeth b1854 d1875 of TB

Lucy b1855 d1921, nurse. Served in the Transvaal in 1899 and ran a nursing home in Bloomsbury with her sister Annie. She died in London on 26th April 1921 aged 65 and Annie administered her estate which was worth £3,322.

Caroline b1856 died young.

Robert Charles 1859 d1891 engineer.

Amelia b1860.

Harriet Spooner (Jo) b1861 d1906 = Henry Mk Shields Lascelles b1858 d1907, printer.

Thomas John b1862 d1937

Annie Spooner b1864 d1944, nurse.

Margaret b1866 d1879.


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