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John Menzies was born in 1825 or 1826. He was Deputy Surveyor and Engineer to the City of Edinburgh Road Trust from 1866 to 1869, when he was appointed manager and engineer to the Cambrian Quarries at Llanberis. In about 1872 he was persuaded by Sir Thomas Bateson to become engineer of the Alexandra Slate Quarries on Moel Tryfan due to be served by the NWNGR. He was consulting engineer to Coedmadog and South Dorothea Quarries in the Nantle Vale. He was a member of Carnarvon County Council for many years and the Carnarvon Harbour Trust for 21 years becoming its Chairman in 1897 in succession to Sir Llewelyn Turner. He was admitted to the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1874. He would have supervised the building of the Spooner designed 2-mile railway connecting Alexandra Quarry to the NWNGR incline at Drumhead in 1876/7 on which the Spooner-designed Vulcan locomotive Kathleen ran.[1]

He attended the half-yearly meeting on 12 December 1876 as a representative of the Alexandra Quarry [2] and became a Director of the NWNGR in 1877. He resigned in 1880 but continued to attend shareholders' meetings. [3] He lived at Marino, Carnarvon.

He died 22 May 1907.[4]


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