Maenofferen Shed

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There are two large sheds in the lower part of Minffordd Yard, adjacent to the present Minffordd Hostel, which were originally used by the Maenofferen Quarry.

The sheds were latterly occupied by Davies Brothers, slate merchants, and used as a covered area, with open sides, within which slate was sorted prior to shipment from the nearby wharves. The dates of their construction have not yet been established.

There are two sheds, now known as Maenofferen Bach, the smaller, and Maenofferen Mawr.

After the FR regained possession of the whole of Minffordd Yard in 196? the sheds were adapted for winter carriage storage by the laying of tracks entering from the western end, and raising the roofs. This was achieved by careful jacking of the substantial trusses and the insertion of brick-built extensions to the pillars they rest upon. The sheds were also enclosed on three sides by the building of block walls. Two sidings were laid into Maenofferen Mawr at this time (late 1960s), later increased to four. In 1972 two sidings were laid into Maenofferen Bach. Some time later another siding was laid between the two sheds, leading to the wharf beyond, and these three sidings were connected via the old three-way point from Harbour station.

In 198? the middle road was roofed over in corrugated iron to provide protection for heritage rolling stock. The materials were paid for by a grant from the Welsh Church Acts Fund. The road was duly nicknamed Chapel Road.

Several years later, in 200? Maenofferen Bach and the centre road were made secure by the application of weldmesh panels to create a secure store for heritage rolling stock and large museum objects. The materials were paid for by the FR Heritage Group and the work was done as a Kids Week project. At the same time both sheds were rewired and good quality lighting provided.

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