March 2005

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A Vol report from March 2005[edit]

"Veni Vidi Matey"

Apologetica studentia Lingua Latina et Medico Petro Iarvus.

Ave Matus!! (cf. Baldus Ellicus) Presentum reportus "Groupus Rosus Alba" (VI leginonnaire – Ex Eboracum et Studious Bangorium), "Gavinicus Eboracumus" (Iunctuion Llandudnum) et "Softus Sudicus Ponsus" (SSP) transit ferrous railus Ffestus. Saturnicus transit railus "Taurus Cranium" yardus Minfforddium et Hafodyllynium locomotor "Castra Harlech" replaceum SPQR (Salvage Penryn Quarry Railus) "Arc Tylericus" – liftus et shiftus maximus massicus. Retirus Hostel Penrhyn inebrius jovious "Morningtonium Crescentius". JGFicus. Primus Stove.

Solis "Castra Harlech" transit, liftus et shiftus maximus massicus Iarrah dorma cruxus "Gatus III". Post Meridian departus Domus. Meteorologicus Hail Caesar!

Semper Floreat Ffestus!!!

OK, I suppose I owe you a translation.

In other words: Replacing standard lengths of bull-head rail with long thermit-welded sections recovered from the winter rerailing job to spot rerail the section between Milestone and Tylers. Cue fifteen burly blokes swearing at several lengths of rail. Also shifting heavy sleepers away from Three Gates Level Xing that have been there since Spooner Snr was around.

Aggregate score of MC is Slap 3, SSP 2, after six games. Match point game cancelled due to work, Slap ahead but SSP would win a draw with "North of Watford" away goals rule. Slap won game #3 with clever reversal at Kentish Town. Grrr.

Celebratory beers, wine and chicken casserole in Penrhyn hostel on Saturday night – never known such a JGF evening. For legal reasons I can't go into details but it was JGF. Photos available on this external link

Apparently a little blue engine was due to arrive, but we were too busy working to watch.

If you want to join in the "high jeenks" / "craic" / JGF of a Pway working party, then do. All you really need is a pair of steel toe capped boots; everything else can probably be arranged. If you don't want to bring steel toe capped boots then you will not be allowed to work. To highlight the dangers to us, a certain member of paid staff managed to drop an MOD stanchion on his foot. He was hopping mad!!


"I came, I saw my friends"

Apologies to students of Latin and Pedr (Dr. Peter Jarvis)

Hello Matey! (as Slap would say). We present the report of the White Rose Group (6 guys from York and Bangor University), Gavin from Llandudno Junction and the "Soft Southern Ponce" (SSP) who travelled to the Ffestiniog Railway. On Saturday we took some bull-head rails from Minffordd Yard to Hafod y Llyn (FR) with Harlech Castle to replace some old rails from the Penrhyn Quarry Railway. Lots of lifting and heaving really heavy rails at Tyler's Curve. We retired to Penrhyn Hostel to play Mornington Crescent, drink and be merry. Lots of JGF.

On Sunday it hailed! We went up again with Harlech Castle to lift and heave old sleepers used as crossing timbers at Three Gates. In the afternoon we went home.

May the Ffestiniog always flourish!

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