Mary Oakeley

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An 0-4-0VBT, similar in general appearance to a De Winton, that was built by the Falcon Engine & Car Works of Loughborough. It was new at Oakeley Slate Quarries in 1883 and around 1904–1906 it was at the Moel-y-Gest Granite Quarry at Porthmadog. During this period it was photographed at Harbour Station, returning to Oakeley probably in 1906. It was used by the Moel Y Gest Co. to transport their quarry's output from the foot of their incline (still visible) and along their tramway which used part of the Gorseddau & Croesor tramways to the harbour.

It is possible that this is a de Winton loco of earlier origin, having been repaired by Falcon and resold with their plates.

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