May 2004

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WRG feat. SSP

Apparently some sorts want to run trains in the loop at TGR. On instruction of Fred we 4x4’d up there to fettle the loop, Kango around the points and adjust sleepers around the trailable points.

With RailFest at York in a few weeks, suffice to say we visited "The Old Gent" in the Lodge and wanted to check CRV but as she was locked away, Mike Bradshaw had to politely decline our request. We did get to see a recently assembled bogie diesel, with extra-large load space, that looks just like it has been assembled by putting the bonnet of Crikey on 56 bo-flat. Not sure if it'll ever be used on the main line tho'. ;-)

TGR (it is not a TTT number, it is a free man!) loop has been Kango'd nicely. Alco was looking and sounding in A1 (or even V2) condition over the weekend the w/e well done to the loco crews. Hope you like the smoother ride through the platform. The new token exchange seems to work well – a certain Chime Whistle sounds VERY nice echoing around the hills, and there's a nice view for pax to see while waiting for trains to cross.

In addition, a check-rail was swapped with one from Harbour station catch points. Removal involved driving the 4x4 and trailer onto the platform at TGR. We did challenge Alco to a race along the platform, but decided not to. The only question posed was: why does a set of catch points need a checkrail? I suppose it means things derail where you want them to…

Otherwise, a tearful pilgrimage was made to visit a poorly Lady in GyP carriage shed, and to say hello to Putty. You don't need me to tell you we had a great meal in the Spoon, said hello to Paul and Val, FPLs ruled OK and that the weather was nicest when we went home, so I won't waste my time.

Lots of other JGF stuff happened: Slap got a year older (two years younger than me!) and we sneaked up on Lilla while the crew were having tea to pose with the “White Rose” headboard. Cross my palm with beer to learn more. Or pay a working visit yourself for similar bouts of JGF.

Andy "Soft Southern Ponce" and Jo "this one time - on band camp" Elms Back in Ivory Tower, Bus Depot View, Brizzle

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