Open Bogie Flat Waggons

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Historically ex Isle of Man Railway carriage underframe; visually open flat wagons akin to a Freightliner flat; dynamically very similar to a carriage, which has led to some "lively" running downhill, the "Isle of Man"s are versatile movers, capable of carrying telegraph poles, scaffolding or lengths of rail. Wagon 56 is generally used as an internal wagon in Boston Lodge and Glan y Mor yards, while Wagon 57 forms part of the Civil Engineering fleet, though is commonly loaned to the Signals and Telegraph and Permanent Way departments. For this it is fitted with batteries and mounting points for a swing lift crane. Its ex Polish State Railway (PKP) inverted diamond frame bogies make it a very easy runner downhill, despite its size. Together with Moel Hebog and 51 Van, it forms a useful unit train - most notably transporting men, materials and scaffolding down to Tylers Curve for injection grouting there in December 1999.

Wagon 56[edit]

Glan-Y-Mor - R4 underframe Traveller's Guide states:'on ex Lynton & Barnstaple bogies formerly under coach No. 14' but 14 was refitted with its old bogies in 2002 (FRM 178 p434). There is a picture of 56 on the L&B bogies in FRM 164 (1999) p313. The origin of the bogies shown here is not known.

Wagon 57[edit]

R2 underframe Wagon 57 seen in the verdant lushness of Dingley Dell, Minffordd Yard

Demonstrating its versatility (and size!) The wagon carries the switch assembly recovered in March 2006 from the Dorfil Siding points at the bottom end of Blaenau Ffestiniog Station. This was re-used at Pen Cob.

Open flat bogie wagon, built FR Co. Boston Lodge, 1976 using ex Isle of Man Railway steel underframe TGBC states: on ex Polish State Railway (PKP) plate frame bogies, equalized springing'

In 1978 it was used on the Deviation as the basis of the Readymix Wagon, but after the Shotcreting of the new Moelwyn Tunnel was completed it reverted to a flat wagon.

In September 2011 it was used to transport the replica original Tan y Bwlch footbridge to Minffordd Yard, where it was stored in the Coal Hole. In April 2012 it was moved to the sidings at Tan y Bwlch in preparation for the bridge's erection.

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