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The Buildings, Parks, Gardens and Electrical (BPG&E) department of the railway has regular LARGE working parties (sometimes over 100 people). These are generally in late March and at October half term under the name "Megabash" for the former and Gigabash for the latter.

In recent years Minffordd yard has been blitzed, removing several skips full of scrap metal and rubbish. Other years included various painting jobs at Harbour Station and detatifying other stations on the line.

Volunteers age between the 6 year olds planting out bulbs, to the teenagers laying concrete, to painters, decorators and electricians as young as they feel. It is common for over a hundred people to be working, spread over the railway.

Highlight is the evening JGF train, which features a three course meal in Tan y Bwlch cafe, bread pudding with cherries, lemon meringue pie, although the carnage brought about by the legendary 2003 balloon fight in Carriage 121 (1981) may not be repeated.

Other big-but-no-Megabash BPG&E projects in recent years have included replacing Harbour station canopy and the long term project to rewire Boston Lodge. Dates for the next working part are on the Ffestiniog volunteer website here. The 2008 Gigabash concentrated on Tan y Bwlch. The 2009 Megabash concentrated on Harbour Station and Minffordd. The 2009 Gigabash will be over the weekend of the 17/18th October.

Megabash/Gigabashes happen every year. Some are recorded below

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