Morris Davies

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Morris Davies was born in 1870 in Llandecwyn. He was the brother of Jarrett Davies. He joined the Festiniog Railway Company c.1883 and retired in 1936. Was a stoker by April 1887 and a regular engine driver by March 1896 although he is recorded as a driver of special trains from 1889.

In 1911 was living in Osmond Terrace, Penrhyndeudraeth with wife Annie and 4 children. Of these his son John Davies was a moulder at Boston Lodge from 1918 to 1939

Census Entry for 1911[edit]

An entry has been found for this person at Osmond Terrace, Penrhyn
where the year of birth is recorded as: 1870 Llandecwyn
The occupation given is: Engine Driver
and the FR/WHR connection is verified


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