Nyth Y Gigfran Incline

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Nyth Y Gigfran Incline
Nyth y Gigfran incline
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Tanygrisiau Blaenau Ffestiniog
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Groesffordd Dinas Junction
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Nyth y Gigfran (English: The raven's nest, nyth = nest, cigfran = raven) and sometimes erroneously spelt as Nith-y-gifran or Nidd-y-gigfran, is otherwise known as Glanypwll incline. It is one of the more curious features visible from a Festiniog Railway train, as it passes the site of the old Dinas Junction, near Glanypwll. The odd thing about this incline is that it appears to stop half way up a rock face, with no apparent evidence of a quarry, almost as if it was never finished. In reality the incline continues through a tunnel, on the other side of which (out of sight) are the former quarry workings. There were a number of adits higher up the rock face, each with a loading platform, from which waggons were lowered by aerial ropeway to the platform at the top of the incline. Output from this quarry was shipped from the Maenofferen Wharf at Portmadoc Harbour. The quarry first opened in the 1840s and led a chequered career, with various periods of closure. The incline was built around 1867 and went out of use when the quarry ceased working in the 1880s. Later the Oakeley Quarry broke into its workings, from which time slate was taken out via the Oakeley incline.

The junction, with Nyth y Gigfran through the gate to the left, the 1836 alignment Dinas Branch in the centre and the mainline over Barlwyd Bridge to the right. Taken before 1975.

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