Oil Store

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Until early 2023 the Oil Store (Building 105) was a small stone building on the north side of the Bottom Yard at Boston Lodge, attached to the Electrical workshop (Old Den) and formerly part of the Sawmill. When the sawmill was demolished in the early 1960s the front wall was retained but reduced in height, and with a portion of the east wall, a new rear wall in rendered blockwork and a single-pitch metal roof made into a new Oil Store to replace the one beside the Erecting Shop which was demolished at that time.

It is not the building described by CADW a 'Former Oil Store' (14418) and listed grade 2, that is building 97a, the Old Oil Store previously S&T Stores behind the former Telephone Exchange.

Present plans (2020) envisage restoration of the facade of the sawmill on a new larger staff amenities building replacing the Den on the site of the old Sawmill. By April 2023 the modern roof had been removed to enable the rebuild.