Pont Tros y Gol

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Pont Tros y Gol
Type Bridge
Status In use
Construction No. UB 56
Operational No. UB 32.48
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Pont Tros y Gol is the second of the three humpback bridges across Afon Gwyrfai which seem to have been acquired secondhand by the NWNGR about 1875. It has a span of 50ft.

Access to the farm is across a concrete ford with pipes under it. It is not usually above ankle deep, even in wet weather. As a bridge it is not impressive. It can be seen from the train, just west of the railway bridge.

It is also known as Pont Tros y Gol, which means 'on account of an embrace' and refers to the sad story of a young man who deserted his sweetheart to marry the farmer's daughter for this land. There is a 16th century Welsh saying nid câr da ond acer o dir (lit. not a good friend/kinsman, but an acre of land) meaning nothing is as important as an acre of land.

Alternatively, but less romantically, it is Trosgl = rough land. There is a hill of this name above Bwlch y Ddeufaen on the Roman road from Aber to the Conwy Valley.

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