Rowland Jones

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Permanent Way engineer, later Inspector 1901 - 1921 at least.

Born C.1862 at Llanycil.

In 1891 was living at Rhydlechog, Llanycil probably working for GWR

In 1901 was living at 14, Sun Street, Festiniog. Not certain whether he was working for FR or still GWR.

In 1911 was living at 27, Madoc St., Portmadoc

Noted as Engineer, FR around the 1908-21 (maybe earlier also) period [1]

Died 10th May 1921 in service [2]

Wrote to the Board on at least 2 occasions in 1908 regarding concern over retaining walls.

He received a bonus on 3 consecutive years - 1909 - 1911 for "zealous service"

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