South Snowdon Wharf Development

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South Snowdon Wharf Development
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The area now covered by housing at the end of the current line, at Harbour Station was once some of the slate wharves served by the FR.

With the demise of the slate trade, the area became derelict, and at some point in the early 1960s was sold off for development by the council. The building of the access road to the South Snowdon Wharf Development led to several items at the "buffer stops" end of Harbour Station being swept away, including the three way stub point and the point indicator mounted on a cast iron column.

A statement from the FR Company gives much background.[1]

The completed development was described in Concrete Quarterly in December 1974. The architects were Phillips, Cutler, Phillips, Troy and the contractors Mason & Nicholson.

The article can be read here: http: //

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