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Statistics:Of the last 9,659 actions, this filter has matched 0 (0%). On average, its run time is 0.12 ms, and it consumes 1 condition of the condition limit.
article_namespace == 0 & !"autoconfirmed" in user_groups & edit_delta < 20 & added_lines rlike "bitch|\bcocks?\b|\bdicks?\b|\bcunts?\b|\bdildo|douche|fuck|nigg(er|ah*)|pedophile|fag(g|\b)|penis|\bcrap|\bslut|whore|\bsuck|\bshit|\bhello\b|\bblah|\bpussy|^hi\b|\bidiot\b|\bwas here|\blol\b|\bawesome" & !(lcase(removed_lines) rlike "bitch|cock|dick|cunt|dildo|douche|fuck|\w\*\*?\w|nigg|pa?edophile|fag|penis|crap|slut|shit|whore|suck|hello|blah|pussy|^hi\b|idiot|was here|\blol\b|awesome") & !(lcase(summary) rlike "und(id|o)|\brv[vt]?\b|revert") & length(added_lines) < 1000
Filter last modified:12:53, 31 October 2012 by Peter Harrison (talk | contribs)
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