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Peter is Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary of the FR Heritage Group, editor of the Heritage Group Journal and co-moderator of the FR E-Group and WHR E-Group. He also wrote the FestWiki software that was used for Festipedia from 2007 until MediaWiki was adopted in 2010. He maintains both Festipedia and the Heritage Group website.

His first visit to the FR was on a family holiday in 1968. He did not return until 1980 when he was sufficiently impressed to start work as a footplate volunteer the following June. This led to an interest in the FR's history which, along with concerns about the image the FR was projecting, led him to join the Heritage Group shortly after it was launched in 1984. He has been Membership Secretary ever since and took on the role of Vice Chairman when the post was created. He is one of the longest serving members of the Heritage Group Committee.