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Filter ID:8


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Filter hits:42 hits
Statistics:Of the last 6,028 actions, this filter has matched 0 (0%). On average, its run time is 0.14 ms, and it consumes 3 conditions of the condition limit.
!"confirmed" in user_groups & (article_namespace == 0 | article_namespace == 3) & (match := "ABUSER|\bA+SS+[- ]?H+O+L+E+\b|BITCH|\b(C+O+C+|K+A+W+)K+S*\b|LOO+S+E+R+|SOOO|CONVICTED|[KC]UNT|DILDO|D+O+U+C+H+E+|EFF+ (Y+O+U+|U+)|F+U+(KK+|C+K|K+C)|GARBAGE|HAGGER|HITLER|JEWS|MENTALLY SICK|M(WA|U)HAHA|N+I+GG+(E+R+|A+H*)|N[A4]ZI|PEDOPHILE|FAGG|PEA?N[UI1][S5]|S+L+U+T+|POOO+P?|W+H+O+R+E+|PERVERT|RACIST|S+H+[1I]+T+|SOCK[ \-]?PUPPET|SUCK|VAGINA|VIAGRA|WANK(A|ER|ING)|(W|WANKA)KNIGHT") & ((summary rlike match) | ((added_lines rlike match) & !(removed_lines rlike match) & !(article_text rlike match)))
Filter last modified:12:46, 31 October 2012 by Peter Harrison (talk | contribs)
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