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Taffy was a Vulcan Foundry 0-4-0T (possibly builder's number 810 of 1878) that worked at the Votty And Bowydd Quarry at Blaenau Ffestiniog from 1880. In 1913, it visited the Festiniog Railway possibly not for the first time) when it was repaired at Boston Lodge workshops. [1][2]

The Vulcan Foundry website has a picture of number 810 of 1878 called "Kelso", built for Braich Quarry.

Later a battery electric loco ‘No 8’ was built by Votty & Bowydd Qy, from the frames of Taffy. No.8 worked at Foel Grochan slab quarry near Aberllefenni. While pushing a waggon to be tipped it failed to stop and both waggon and No 8 crashed down the tip ending up underwater. In 2021 divers from Patterdale Dive and Cave rediscovered the remains, well preserved and deep underwater. The footage is on YouTube.

Please note it is extremely dangerous to attempt to visit it, given its deep site underwater and noting that the mine itself is on private land.

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