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Featured picture of 87, spelling[edit]

Please could someone with homepage privs correct "Midmir" (two instances) to "Midmar"? Also may need a slight rephrase - did the complete historical village close down, as opposed to just the railway part of it? Ben Fisher (talk) 23:33, 1 February 2009 (UTC)


Had a quick search/look for Midmir/Midmar and found Midmar. Corrected spelling on one, but removed the other.
It seems source was quoted, on article page for 87, as your site, (and therefore presume to include through link to Sandstone, and onto David Paylings article) - but there is no mention of Midmar in all three locations.

It would seem Bruce Brayne added the Midmir detail, referring to the Ixopo Garratts Typing "Ixopo Garratts" into a search brings a fair number of refs - I have not looked at these.

The articles I referenced indicated Midmar Historical Village is still operational and steam rides still available, but no mention of 87!. ([1]) ([2])

Bit of further checking, online and with Bruce. He couldnt remember original reference source but refers to a video - Song of the Rails, but apparently does not show 87 there

The online links I tried produced no further evidence. I have left the remark in, but removed the closure comment for reasons as said above