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The posting of these pictures generated some recollections from other members

Comment from Pete Arnold (E-Group posting 32529): "ME at Portmadoc (3)" - shows the rear of Dick Hilton driving ME. He was responsible for its rebuild. I wonder if the young chap with him is Evan Davies?

Comment from Meic (E-Group posting 32602): It's hard to say but the young lad who appears at Boston Lodge is definitely Evan. I remember that jacket so well, a sort of thin corduroy with a zip up the front.

Comments from Pete Arnold (E-Group posting 32592): "On to Dduallt" - Wasn't it lovely here before all those conifers grew and hid this glorious view. I remember standing on the farthest of those 2 small hills to the right of the tunnel with my cine camera. Absolutely impossible now of course, but I'm still hoping to see it cleared in my life time.

Yes it rained even in those summers of youth! Just look at the amount of water that can be seen on the landward side of the cob in the two photos, "ME at Portmadoc (1)" and "On to the Cob".

Comment from Meic (E-Group posting 32602) And isn't that the telltale exhaust of a train on the Cambrian?

To which Cyril replies (E-Group posting 32603): Very well spotted, Meic - I'm sure you are right. In all the years since I took the photo I never noticed it. My 1961 (final) 'Bradshaw' suggests it must be the 9.10 from Port, whose connection at Dovey Jcn would have landed its passengers at Paddington at 5.15pm. The train would stop at Minffordd only 'to pick up passengers for Shrewsbury and beyond'!

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