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I have moved an old photo of the late Cyril Perrier's from this page to Wiki: Test Zero page.

Now what do we do with Cyril's old photo?

Delete it or could we create a sort of 'Superceede photographs' page?

I am the world's worst squirrel & never throw anything away - well you know what I mean - am I getting sentimental, for want of a better word, over a not too good photo taken by a now desased member of the FRS?

Kim Winter

Do you consider the picture superceeded ""all over""?? Granted it is a small shot of 160, which I presume it was picked for, however it is also representative of a gravity train, and of traffic at Tyb - to wit I have included "categories" on the picture so it will come up on both TyB and Wagon searchs --Keith 09:08, 11 March 2007

ps - its not getting sentimental - its called getting old!!!