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Does Cwellyn supply Anglesey? I thought there were reservoirs at Llyn Alaw and Llyn Cefni which did that. But I think I may have seen a water main crossing the underneath part of the Britannia Bridge, so places like Porthaethwy and Beaumaris may indeed have a supply from Cwellyn. I defer to expert advice. PNJ

I'm no expert, but the two lakes you mention do indeed supply water to Anglesey - Llyn Alaw mostly supplies northern Anglesey, and Cefni mostly supplies mid-Anglesey. Cwellyn supplies mostly southern parts of the island, as was rather confirmed by the recent cryptosporidiosis outbreak. (A quick Google reveals a lot of Cwellyn/Anglesey links, as do some of Dwr Cymru's own statements.) Tony E. (talk) 21:04, 14 December 2008 (UTC)